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Peter Mayeux is a New Iberia, La. native. He obtained his bachelor’s degree at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and completed graduate work in communication at the University of Iowa. Mayeux has taught communications courses at the University of Louisiana Lafayette and the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Mayeux has published three textbooks on mass media writing, one of which has been translated to Korean. Dear Mr. Musemeche: The Early Years is his first effort at nonfiction and memoir writing.


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Dear Mr. Musemeche: The Early Years

What began with a simple postcard sent while on vacation blossomed into a strong bond between me and my adult friend, Mr. Musemeche. When I returned from vacation one year, he had framed my message to him and placed it on the wall behind his store counter:

Dear Mr. Musemeche,
Having a good time.
Went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean today.
Wish you were here. Sure do miss my snow cones!
Your friend,

After that, my almost daily snow cones were often overflowing with juice. Each time a snow cone was purchased, a short conversation between the two of us would help me share an adventure or experience with this wise friend and get his advice on how to handle often confusing situations.

As time moved on and our paths separated, there were many adventures that didn’t get discussed. After Mr. Musemeche died, I lost touch with his store and his family. There were several stories I wanted to share with him but never had the chance to do so.

That’s what this little book is about: short stories offered as an open letter to Mr. Musemeche and readers who can experience what I encountered and learn little life lessons in the process. Some of the stories are sad, some are humorous and others offer nostalgic views of times gone by. Every story reflects the common experiences of youngsters, whether they live now or a few decades ago. I hope you find a story that relates to your life and recalls a fond memory.


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