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As a teen, Neil Connelly worked at Beachhead Comics in Allentown, Pa. He later directed McNeese State University's Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing. He now teaches at Shippensburg University and lives with his wife and their two sons. The Midlife Crisis of Commander Invincible is his fourth novel.


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The Midlife Crisis of Captain Invincible

Commander Invincible, once a mighty superhero, now faces new enemies as 39-year-old Vincent Shepherd: downsizing, a second divorce and the strains of fatherhood. Decades ago, Vince made a living fighting super villains, huge irradiated insects and androids armed with death rays. But when the good guys won the war, heroes like Vince grew obsolete. Certain that his younger wife is starting to find their marriage as frivolous as his old cape, Vince embarks on a scheme to reestablish himself not only as a superhero, but as a super dad and a super husband. Confronting former allies with long-buried secrets, he must also battle the same demons we all encounter: doubt, regret, loss and failure. The Midlife Crisis of Commander Invincible turns a literary lens onto the world of comic book fantasy to reveal the changes and challenges of simply being human.


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