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Mary Manhein is the creator and retired director of the LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Laboratory. A former deputy coroner, she is the author of multiple nonfiction and fiction books on forensic anthropology: The Bone Lady; Trail of Bones; Bone Remains; and novels Floating Souls and The Canal Murders. She co-authored the 2017 award-winning nonfiction Fragile Grounds: Louisiana’s Endangered Cemeteries with Jessica Schexnayder. Her new children’s series, Claire Carter, Bone Detective, is available fall 2018.





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Claire Carter, Bone Detective: The Mystery of the Bones in the Drainpipe

New publisher Os Liber Press LLC announces the debut of its first series, Claire Carter: Bone Detective. Book one, titled The Mystery of the Bones in the Drainpipe; introduces Claire Carter and her 11 year-old niece and bone-detective-in-training, Penelope Charbonnet. The series is written by forensic anthropologist Mary H. Manhein and is based on real cases. Original black and white illustrations by Leah Wood Jewett serve as visual puzzles that enhance the story. The books are geared toward readers aged 10 to 14 years old. Through the series, young readers will be introduced to the skeleton and all the many things that can be learned from both human and animal bones, such as: the impact of disease and trauma; determination of age, sex and ancestry; and differentiation of species. Readers will also learn about the diverse people of Louisiana, as well as the abundant and unique flora and fauna of our state.


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