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Laura Roach Dragon lives in New Orleans and works with children at a local hospital. She is the author of two middle grade novels, Hurricane Boy, about a family's ordeal after Hurricane Katrina, and The Bayou Bogeyman Presents Hoodoo and Voodoo, an anthology of scary stories that take place in New Orleans and bayou country with contributors Cheryl Mathis, Terri Hoover Dunham, Patricia Hefler, Josephine Schloegel , Virginia Howard, Gary Alipio, Julie Gonzalez, and Sue Houston.




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Children’s Author Tent 2
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The Bayou Boogeyman Presents Hoodoo and Voodoo

2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.
B&N Jr. Tent
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The Bayou Bogeyman Presents Hoodoo and Voodoo

When they agreed to spend Halloween night in the middle of a swamp, the boys of the Society of Sublime Scribblers thought they were in for a few scary stories, but they never expected to become part of one! Instead of treats, the boys receive a heaping bag of tricks when the Bayou Bogeyman traps them into playing his twisted game: unless they can tell stories sinister enough to chill even the Bogeyman’s bones, the boys might just become his midnight feast.

In this haunting collection of Louisiana frights, an unsuspecting girl is shrunk down to the size of a speck of dust by a devilish miniature artist, a pair of ghostly children try to outsmart a voodoo queen, and a doll that lives in the walls whispers terrible things to sleeping children. These waking nightmares are enough to send even the bravest grownups hiding under the blankets, but will they keep the Bayou Bogeyman from devouring the innocent Scribblers?

Written by nine Southern authors with a proclivity for the paranormal, this middle reader collection is sure to satisfy horror lovers of all ages. But consider yourself warned—you might just need to sleep with the lights on!


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